Update (1/28) – I have finally fixed the phone display issue. I was trying to look at number from my cell last night and it was not possible. I believe I have this issue fixed, should you see a display problem or basically the tables and the menu drawing on top of each other, please let me know.

Update (1/22) – I have added a new way to look at the odds, take a look at the “by point level” pages. It is the same predictions but they are listed by point level. This should make it easier to “shop” your points and identify hunts that can be drawn with your point level.

Update (1/22) – The links for the “details” and regular prediction pages were swapped. The links now point at the correct page.

Update (1/18) – The guide and outfitter tag numbers are based upon the actual 2023 GOP draw that has already occurred. Tags allocated in the GOP draw apply against the non-resident quota and are an important aspect of the non-resident draw predictions.

As you look over these draw predictions, if you see something that appears incorrect, a bad number or just something out of place, let me know. I’ll figure out where that number came from and if its a bad number I’ll get it fixed. But you have to let me know.



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